Miranda is a specific natural hormone compound product that formulated with cytokinins, auxins, and
Gibberellins. Cytokinins induce cell division and differentiation. Cytokinins promote RNA synthesis and
stimulate protein and enzyme activities in tissues. It also serves other functions like, cell enlargement in
young leaves, tissue differentiation, flowering, fruiting, and delay of aging in leaves. Auxins facilitate cell
division and root differentiation. Auxins induce cell division, cell elongation, and formation of callus in
cultures. Gibberellins are mainly used to induce plant-let formation from adventive embryos formed in


Cytokinins 5%   6-Benzylaminopurine
Auxins 5%   Indole-3-acetic acid
Gibberellins 0.1%   Gibberellic acid
Lingosulfonic acid 1%